Sandwich bar


Wide assortment of sandwiches, rolls, soups and delicious home-made cakes and desserts.

Looking for a Bar in Bormio for a quick snack or a moment of relaxation? We await you at Heaven 3000 at Bormio 3000.


Here, as well as the Panoramic Restaurant, you can find two sandwich bars & cafés: one on the level where the cable-car arrives, and one on the level where the chairlift arrives, both with a wide assortment of sandwiches, rolls, soups, delicious home-made cakes and desserts, and much more.


If you want to eat quickly, but still have an ample choice of delicious foods, come and find us: you can relax either on the terrace, or inside, enjoying the magnificent panoramic view.


Heaven 3000, with its “Area Relax”, is also the ideal place for enjoying a coffee with friends, an aperitivo, or a delicious snack.


What are you waiting for? Discover how to reach us and try our meals and our delicious home-made desserts.

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