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Are you in Bormio on holidays and do you want to live an unforgettable experience, enjoying a fairytale landscape and enjoying the traditional dishes? Please come to the Panoramic Restaurant Heaven 3000, at the top of Bormio 2000-3000 cablecar, the highest point of Bormio.

Thanks to the package “Lunch at 3000 meters” for only € 29,00 for adults and € 25,00 for children up to 15 years and seniors over 65 years old, you will have:

round trip from Bormio to Bormio 3000

lunch to be chosen from different menus at Heaven 3000

Discover below the menus from which you can choose and arranged to come and visit us! We are open from July 2 to September 4, 2016.

Debora, Fulvio and Marina are waiting for you!


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