Freeride Bormio: discover breathtaking trails

Ski in fresh snow accompanied by an Alpine Guide

For those in search of excitement, who enjoy the feeling of snow caressing their face…Bormio 3000 is your paradise! Awaiting you are not only perfectly groomed runs for alpine skiing, but also off-piste skiing for an extraordinary experience.


The Vallone, accessible from Heaven 3000, is a true paradise for all Freeride enthusiasts, who will find after each snowfall an abundance of fresh snow on which to ski.


But the Vallone is not the only place to Freeride in Bormio. Magical, and absolutely not to be missed, is the Posto degli Sciatori, a Freeride zone from 2700m to 2000m that passes through the forest and will make you feel like a child again!


Prior to organizing your day of Freeride in Bormio, remember to check the avalanche notice, and unless you are an expert, ask to be accompanied by an Alpine Guide: Whiteline or the Scuola Sci & Snowboard Sertorelli offer off-piste skiing guides.


Obtain the safety kit (ARTVA, backpack, spade and sound); check that your avalanche search device is functioning at the ARTVA check at Bormio 2000; read the rules and regulations and… pass by the Panoramic Restaurant Bormio 3000 for a break between one run and the next!


Consult the website of Bormio Ski for further information and details about Freeride Bormio.