Trekking from Bormio 3000

Discover the magical hidden corners of our mountains.

Bormio 3000 is also the ideal point of departure for a high-altitude excursion, the Tour of the Vallecetta, a walk recommended by locals as a “must do trek” for all mountain-lovers.


After arriving at the Panoramic Restaurant Heaven 3000 with the cable-car, first head towards the Beautiful Lakes, an alluring mountain wilderness area, then towards Sobretta and the Pozzo d’acqua, finally returning to Bormio 2000. (See below for a detailed description of the trek).


On a hot summer’s day, for families wishing to enjoy the magnificent mountain walks available in our area, far from the crowds and the most popular places, we suggest the following excursion.


And before you set off – don’t miss the opportunity for an excellent coffee and a snack at Heaven 3000! We’re waiting for you!



Tour of Vallecetta


Cable-car Bormio- Bormio 2000 / cable-car Bormio 2000- Bormio 3000- / I Bei Laghetti-Sobretta-Pozzo dell’Acqua / Bormio 2000 / Bormio (trails S541 / S518 / S543.2)


From Bormio, ascend with the ski lifts to Bormio 2000 and then to Bormio 3000. Take the Sentiero (trail) S541, initially descending to the area of the Bei Laghetti (Beautiful Lakes), as far as the Bocca di Profa (mouth of the Profa). This part of the trail is wide, but in places dotted by large rocks. At the Bei Laghetti, around 10 small lakes, the trail becomes narrower but less disconnected. At the Bocca di Profa, turn left onto the Sentiero S518, steep in places, which leads to the terraced dirt road to the Monti di Sobretta. Follow the Sentiero S543.2 to Bormio 2000, via the Pozzo dell’Acqua (small lake) of Fontanalonga.


Distance 15,4 km – Difficulty level medium – Duration 4 h 15 min. – Altitude difference 1060 m.